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2nd Subud World Congress, Briarcliff College, NY 1963, group photo of Bapak with members

Bapak, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo

Stills from 2nd Subud World Congress Film, Briarcliff College, NY 1963

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“The duty and responsibility of the International Subud Committee, the chairman and all his assistants, is to…arrange for the preservation of the archives and all historical materials relating to the development of the Spiritual Brotherhood of Subud”

— Letter to ISC and all National Committees, December 16, 1976

Bapak’s Call to Action

Group at 1st Subud World Congress, Coombe Springs England 1959

Our Mission in Progress

  • We aim to set up a perpetual, self-sustaining home for the U.S. Archives at the Amani Center in Washington DC, under the auspices of Subud USA (SUSA).
  • The materials will be preserved safely and securely while at the same time being accessible online and in person.
  • An online portal will share the Archives and offer related activities and projects.









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